Self Care During Self-Isolation, Quarantine and Lock-Down

During these challenging times we are facing due to COVID-19, it is important to take care of yourself. Self-care is a great way at prioritising your wellbeing and has multiple benefits to your overall mental health and state of mind. We understand that for many, the days of finding time to physically plan your day and write in your dairy may be temporality on hold. Self-care is unique to every individual and there is no shoe that fits all. We have a blog post dedicated to creating your perfect self-care plan suited to you. Click here for more information.  However, here are some or our self-care suggestions whilst in quarantine or self-isolation.


Meditation is a great practice. It helps to still your mind and bring about peace. Meditation involves being still, being quite and focusing your mind on a certain thought, place or whatever you would like. Whist you are mediating, it is advised to set a calm atmosphere. This can be orchestrated through music, dimmed lighting or perhaps you find the outdoors peaceful (of course adhering to Covid-19 safety guidelines) Many have found meditation to bring about serenity and peace. There are many different methods and ways to meditate and it is best to find what works for you. At Bennu, we like to use the “breathe in and out method” this is where you breath in a positive emotion for five seconds, and out for five seconds a negative emotion. For example breathe in ‘peace’ for five seconds, and breathe out ‘anxiety’ for five seconds. Especially, during the difficult times we are currently facing due to Covid-19, getting your mind to rest from all the chaos is so important. As mentioned, meditation is unique to every individual and it is definitely worth giving a try, if you haven’t already. 


We understand how challenging these times are right now. The government have said each individual can exercise via walk, run or bike ride for a maximum of 1 hour a day, whilst adhering to the Cover – 19 safety guidelines. Home exercise is also a great method to staying fit and healthy. When you get your heart beating and blood flowing around your body, it has huge benefits to your mental health. You may feel stuck indoors and want to break out. How about breaking out into a dance? We like to say, make exercise as fun as possible! The real thing here is to move your body. You can get your children involved too as it will also help them stay fit and develop good self-care habits. 

Intentional rest 

Throughout quarantine, it is still important to plan out your rest schedule. When you are going to sleep and when you are going to have time where you just relax. We understand how hard it must be right now to do so, as we are all having to adapt. For some people, who are still working from home, it may be challenging to switch off from ‘work-mode’ or if you are looking after your children all day it may be hard to switch off from ‘parenting – mode’. Intentional rest is so important and we would highly recommend working this into your schedule where possible. 

Watching your favourite film/tv programme/sports show

For some of us in quarantine, we may be maxed out of movies and Netflix by now.  However, for many, watching tv, youtube videos or something light hearted is a great way of escapism and relaxation. Setting aside intentional time where you are going to zone out to your favourite programme will give a sense of ease and rest. If you are in quarantine with your family or house mates, you could all get involved or if you prefer, let the people around you know that you just need some time. 

Spending time with your family and friends virtually via video call Reading 

Although nationally we are in all in quarantine, thank goodness for the Internet and social media. If you have friends and family who you can plan virtual meetings with, be sure to do so! Seeing a familiar face during these times will be comforting and give a sense of normal.  You can get your children involved by reading stories over a video call with a loved one, dinner parties, or maybe catching up with a best friend is what you need. Reach out to those people who are coming to mind and plan accordingly! 


Journalling is a great way to get your thoughts out unto paper and see what is going on in both your mind and heart. Having a designated notebook for journalling is great however, a sheet of paper will still work! Ask yourself questions such as: how is your day going? What is making you emotional and why? What is on your mind? What have been some of your most frequent thoughts recently? You will find that as you are journaling you are able to better identify what is going on within, this is great for your mental health as is provides clarity. If you haven’t started journaling, its never too late! Start today. 

Indoor pamper day or evening

For some, you may be used to having a professional do your nails, hair ect. Of course, during the times we are facing of lock-down that is not possible. However, you can bring the spa and pamper treatments to you! Work in a set day or evening into your schedule where you are going to have your own at home pamper time. This can consist of a lovely bath, your favourite dessert, a face mask and  maybe some nail polish. Whatever works for you. You can incorporate some of the other points mentioned above with this one. Pampering can be a great way to make you feel better and relaxed. Give it a try if you are able too.

Virtual Therapy

We understand how hard the times we are facing are and we want you to know that we are here for you. Professional help such as therapy is very useful in helping you to walk through your emotions, traumas and mental health. We have qualified, professional therapists at Bennu, who are still providing virtual therapy online. Get in tough with us today to start an initial conversation here. 

We hope this blog post has been useful. Please do let us know in the comments and over our social media. If you have found this useful, please share this post with a friend. 

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Take care great care of yourself and stay safe 


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