What people have said

Quotes from children, parents/carers, schools and organisations  inspired by Bennu to change their life through therapy and our well-being services.

  • "I love how fun it is and how safe it is". Anna year 6

    "Easy to do whatever you want, without being judged". Brandon year 6

    "I think it was great coming here, because I can reflect on what’s happening". Caroline year 6

    "I feel relieved and happy, because I painted my feelings".  Daniel year 4

    "Dramatherapy really helps me think better, what I do before I do it". Felisha year 5

    "Sessions have been a great help in my social life and taught me how to deal with some of my emotions"  Gail year 6

  • "I think it helps me because I can talk about me feelings". Gerry year 6

    "I feel that therapy helps me become better in my behaviour, and helps me get back on track when I am angry or sad".  Harry year 6

    " The therapy sessions are great, because they are really fun and you can feel safe in them". Irene year 5

    "I feel dramatherapy really helped me control my anger and sadness, I will really miss it".  Ishmael year 5

    "I like playing with the sand" Keenan year 2

    "The sessions have helped me understand things a lot more". Lauren year 6

    "I feel that it helps me become better in my behaviour and help me get back in touch when I am angry/sad".  Monique year 6

    "I think it helps me because I can talk about my feelings". Nimah year 6

    "The therapy sessions are great, because the are really fun and you can feel safe in them". Octavia year 5

    "I told the dramatherapist of how I was feeling using red and now I am relieved and happy because I painted and explained it using the puppets. Paul year 4

    "I think dramatherapy has helped me and it helps me learn more.  I think dramatherapy is really engaging because there is always so much fun!"


  •  "The therapy at school helped Anna a lot, she understood why and how her mood changed".

    "Brandon talks about his dramatherapy sessions.  It obviously helped him to identify his emotions, and ways to deal with them".

    "dramatherapy has helped Caroline during some very difficult times and she has come out the other side, as a much happier and confident child. Thank you". 

    "Doing dramatherapy helped my child to open up, to understand that he can be himself, and that in this world there are people who care".

    "I have found this service an amazing tool for my child to help them to engage and understand their feelings and emotions.  This service has enabled my child to have a safe space to deal with his feelings and anxieties".

    "I have found the service provided by Bennu, very useful and resourceful.  It has helped to identify the needs and support.  This service has allowed my daughter to improve her self-esteem, social interaction and gain confidence".

    "My child has benefited from the sessions and is now better at communicating his feelings and expressing his fears and doubts".

    "My child started attending arts therapy sessions because he was getting anxious and upset about things at school and at home.  The sessions supported him growing on his own strengths and he is a happier child now.  Thank you very much".

    "My daughter enjoyed dramatherapy and has spoken positively about what she has done in the session".

    "I am happy with the drama therapy my son's been having. It has been close to 3 months and he seems to really enjoy it.  He hasn't given me too much detail about what goes on, but always says that he looks forward to seeing his therapist and having the sessions.  I feel that my son will benefit greatly from it, learning more about expressing himself and being in tune with his feelings".

    "The sessions have helped him to become more self-aware.  I can see the positive changes in his conduct and behaviour towards others, and this has given me the confidence to apply more routines and boundaries at home, which I have struggled with as a parent".


  • "My daughter enjoys dramatherapy and has spoken positively about what she does in the session".   Parent

    "Dramatherapy (Bennu) has helped our school support the emotional and mental well-being of pupils. It provides another layer of support for pupils with emotional difficulties and has enabled us identify, or capture severe on-going emotional challenges faced by pupils, that otherwise may fall ‘under the radar’. In some cases this led to referrals for much needed support for the pupils. I will recommend it"Inclusion Manager - Junior School - Newham

    "The therapist uses a wide range of materials which encourage pupils to engage and make the most of their session.  A positive influence can already been seen in our complex pupils".  Inclusion Manager Primary School – Epping

    " The therapist is valuable in enabling our pupils to identify their emotions and helps them to think about the choices they make. The service has become a essential part of social and emotional team". Pastoral Care Worker  Primary School – Epping

  • "The being kind to yourself and managing your well-being seminar was relevant. Well presented and encouraging to me." Teacher 

    "The well-being webinar was timely and very well presented." Support Staff

    "I enjoyed the webinar thoroughly. I at first felt slightly anxious about having to meditate in front of others but quickly concentrated on the spoken words which were very calming, relaxing and uplifting." - Senior Leadership Team

    "Put into perspective the importance of self care and kindness first before everything else falls into place." - Teacher 

    "The webinar was useful to me learning how to prioritise my mental health. I enjoyed the meditation and found it calming." -  Receptionist