As stress, anxiety, experiencing burnout and exhaustion is increasing amongst staff in schools and institutions, our work has been extended to working with adults.  Offering in person and remote workplace mental health and wellbeing packages including: therapy, supervision, self-care events/webinars. Now more than ever, it is so important to take greater care of our mental health and wellbeing.  Let’s work together to support your staff too. Contact us here

Dear amazing people,
You continue to work effortlessly, devoting your time and energy. Whatever your role, note that it is valuable and one to be appreciated.
You may be going into work, or could possibly be adapting to working from home, regardless of the circumstances, or the change that you’ve had to endure. The transition, for some it may have been easy, others challenging and or extremely difficult. 
Life is so precious, the four seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter is an expression of its beauty, and just as the seasons change and the weather at times is unpredictable, life and our experiences can be too.
Some may think we’re all on a journey, others may simply say… “you know what, it is what it is”. 
It may be hard to be resilient and remain strong, particularly when the ‘to do list’ is never ending and finding that work life balance at times is non-existent, but  and I say but,  if you can have hope, it may be the difference between rushing around on a never-ending spinning wheel and taking the time to reflect, process and express. 
 Reflect on the day, process what you need to do and the best way to positively move forward and do it effectively, tomorrow is another day. Then… express yourself…
Dance, read, listen to music, whatever ticks your box to make you feel good.
You deserve to give yourself the bare minimum, respect, love and kindness, and you know what? It doesn’t cost a penny.
From one kind heart to another.
Take great care of yourself.
Kaz – AKA Karen Jones Founder and Principal Practitioner