What we do

We are an Arts Therapy organisation providing a team of art, dance, drama and music therapists in schools and organisations. Working with individuals, groups and families. 

BENNU Exploring emotional well-being and supporting mental health.

Art –  Dance –  Drama  – Music

We are driven by the need that every child and young person deserves to feel safe, experience the fun of being a child, have dreams, hopes and embrace a world     where life is full of opportunities.

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  • Be kind to yourself webinar

    Be kind to yourself webinar

    "The webinar was useful to me, learning how to prioritise my mental health. I enjoyed the meditation and found it calming."

  • Therapy


    "The therapy at school helped Anna a lot, she understood why and how her mood changed"

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    Dramatherapy (Bennu) has helped our school support the emotional and mental well-being of pupils. It provides another layer of support for pupils with emotional difficulties and has enabled us identify, or capture severe on-going emotional challenges faced by pupils, that otherwise may fall ‘under the radar’. In some cases this led to referrals for much needed support for the pupils. I will recommend it. 

    Inclusion Manager - Junior School - Newham

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