The bird Bennu represents who we are, what we do and what we strive to achieve.
Our artistic and creative therapeutic intervention provides a bespoke service, that is designed and tailored to meet the criteria of who we work with. Adhering to a timetable and schedule that meets your needs. We believe every child, young person and adult should have the opportunity to heal, rise from their dilemmas, traumas and life experiences. There may be something that is hindering a child’s learning and their social interaction.
We recognise that some people may be feeling stagnant in their career or personal development, and they too may find it difficult to engage with family friends and colleagues. It is our aim to provide everyone we work with the opportunity to shine, achieve their goals and reach their full potential.
We have a flexible and developmental approach to comply with a sudden change in circumstances and that not every working day will go according to plan.
We facilitate workshops and webinars to support staff.
We facilitate therapeutic and well-being retreats. Provide training for INSET and Continued Professional Development on self-care and managing time effectively to maintain a work/life balance.
We offer a private practice and facilitate therapy with individuals, groups and families.