Hello and welcome to Bennu

We are an Arts Therapy organisation providing a team of art, drama, dance and music therapists in schools.

We are driven by the need that every child and young person deserves to feel safe, experience the fun of being a child, have dreams, hopes and embrace a world where life is full of opportunities.  However, we recognise and sadly acknowledge the growing concern that children and young people are experiencing low mood, depression, self-harming and a deep sense of loneliness.  For this reason, we have made it our business to address the well-being and the growing concern that too many children and young people are at risk of being diagnosed with a mental illness.

We therefore have a purpose to address the many challenges and dilemmas that so many pupils and students are struggling to address; circumstances at home and at school where these situations have a detrimental impact on their emotional, social and mental health.

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