Angela Moore : Chair

Angela Moore, appointed Head Teacher at St Antony’s Catholic Primary School, Newham in 2013, became the first head of ethnic minority heritage since 1862. With 35 years in education, 25 in leadership across the UK and Jamaica, Angela raises standards and challenges social stigma. St Antony’s is lauded as a ‘School of Success’ and received ‘Primary School of The Year’ (2019) and ‘The School of the Decade’ (2021) accolades. She spearheaded programs in ‘Teaching, Learning, Youth Development, and Social Teaching’.  Angela’s leadership inspires children, young people, and communities alike, leaving a legacy of resilience, confidence, and empowerment.

Angela joined BENNU because its values align with hers. “BENNU supports and empowers some of the most vulnerable children and young people, offering hope and amplifying voices”, which resonates with Angela’s passion for supporting those in need. Its commitment to mental health, wellbeing and self-care matches her desire to make a meaningful impact.


Sheena Patel : Vice Chair

Sheena Patel is a Solution Architect who delights in problem solving and logical thinking.

She taught herself to code at a young age and has been fascinated with computers and programming ever since. She went on to study Computer Science at university, which laid the foundations of her knowledge in computation and all its applications.

Sheena has been designing, building and delivering innovative solutions for over a decade. In her career she has worked at every stage of the project life cycle, navigating complex business environments across a broad range of industries.

Sheena joined Bennu as a trustee to advocate for the availability of services and awareness of mental health and wellbeing for children/young people at a key stage of their learning development. Creating a better world today and for future generations to come.

Bontia Cattle

Bonita Cattle

is a Cultural Producer with over 25 years experience in the ‘Dance and Event’ arena. Bonita works for a London based Trust at Vision RCL as an Events Manager.

Bonita is passionate about helping people achieve their goals and live life with fullness and love.

She is encouraged by the support that Bennu and its therapeutic intervention can offer, providing children and young people whose wellbeing and mental health have been at risk with the opportunity to stay in school and adhere to their learning whilst experiencing some of the toughest times in life.

Neil Lawrence

Neil Lawrence is an accredited transformational coach and mindfulness practitioner with over thirty years of experience supporting adolescents and young adults, including those marginalized and facing adversity. His extensive background in secondary education has seen him work closely with students who struggle to thrive in mainstream settings. Additionally, Neil has provided invaluable support to neurodivergent and LGBTQIA+ youth navigating mental health challenges.

Furthermore, Neil has made significant contributions to secondary and tertiary education as a Lead Coach, offering wellbeing coaching within the charity sector, and serving as an LGBTQIA+ worker. His practice integrates a master’s degree in psychodynamic psychotherapy from Tavistock and Portman. Neil also excels as a career and executive coach in the private sector, alongside his role as an organisational consultant.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Neil is a published fiction writer, often exploring themes of outsider experiences. As a burnout survivor and neurodivergent individual, Neil passionately advocates for workplace bullying victims and those living with chronic conditions.

Oluwasegun Oyenigba

Olu is a personal trainer, specialising in developing and delivering training programs of physical fitness.

As a boxing coach, Olu supports and develops sports training for adults and children, mentoring them to ascertain focus and achieve their goals.  

Olu is an advocate in the London borough of Newham supporting education, housing and is one of the boroughs active Covid-19 Health Champion residents where he contributed to a published health booklet called ‘5 Ways to A Healthier Life’ produced in partnership with the NHS in Newham and a group of residents.  

Olu admires Bennu’s work, finding it inspiring and very much needed particularly in this climate, where support for mental health and wellbeing is increasing within the local community and wider environment. Olu is keen to contribute positively to Bennu and help the organisation grow.