Decreasing Stress During the Festive Period

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Before we get into today’s blog post we want to take this opportunity to wish you all a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year. This year we saw schools reopen after the lockdown closure, various other measurements bought in to keep us all as safe from COVID-19 and the reopening of shops and experiencing life as the ‘new normal.’  We can imagine at some point this year has not been easy, so we want to say a big WELL DONE for making it this far! As ever, to all our schools and other key workers – thank you.

Christmas and the festive season are usually an enjoyable time however, for some it is the saddest time of year. Some people are grieving, missing loved ones, lonely, homeless and so Christmas can be triggering. We understand this time is not easy. We have other blog posts that can help you reflect on some of these emotions you may be experiencing. If at any point you need immediate attention, please do refer to the useful links below where you can seek help.

6 Ways to Manage Stress over Christmas/New Year

Although Christmas is ‘the most wonderful time of year’ it can bring on feelings of stress and anxiety. Some may feel the financial pressure, the organising of Christmas may get on top of you, the busy crowds or all the socialising may just get a little bit on top of you. That’s why in this post we are sharing our top tips on managing stress and anxiety during this time.


As simple as it may sound, taking a minute to focus on your breathing can really help to regulate stress and bring back your mind to a better state of peace. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed take a minute for a timeout and focus on your breathing. Breath in deeply and exhale, finding the rhythm of your own breathing pattern. Remind yourself of the joys of Christmas and why you are going to the efforts that you have.

Tip: Our guided meditations can be used to guide you into a more peaceful state. You can find them here.

Get organised

Are you quite organised for Christmas and the New Year celebrations? Or do you find yourself rushing around? A great way to decrease stress is to try to eliminate it from the start. Try to work out what you need to do well in advance and start to tackle these tasks. A good way to go about this is having a ‘to do list’ that you can work your way through. Just getting what you need to do out of your head and onto paper (or your phone) can make you feel much better as everything is clear and feels more manageable. If you are pushed for time why not ask a friend or relative for some help?

Shopping off-peak

During the festive season shops and high streets are extremely busier than usual (in fact this is the busiest time of year!) If you can, shop during off-peak hours to avoid crowds and long queues. This will mean you will spend less time shopping but also it can help prevent becoming overwhelmed and flustered.

Tip: Shopping with a friend may be a good idea as this can make the experience more enjoyable. You’ll have someone to converse with in the queues and you’ll be able to get a second opinion (if need be) on your gift selection!

Financial Pressures

The festive season can be extremely pricey for many people. You want to gift your loved ones however for some this can lead to extra financial pressure which can trigger stress and anxiety. If you feel you are experiencing negative emotions or thoughts due to financial reasons, please do get in contact with a financial advisory service. There will be details listed below in the useful links section.

Tip: Before you buy something on credit ask yourself “Do I really need this item?” Or “ Is this going to cause me unnecessary stress?” If you can avoid making the purchase it may be a good idea, as debt can lead to even more stress and other mental health issues.

Don’t forget selfcare

During this season it can be easy to be focused on everyone else that you forget about yourself. Selfcare is so important and even more so during heightened times of potential stress. Remember to take time out to care for yourself. This may be a hot bath, a book, yoga, meditation or even getting some extra sleep. Everyone’s selfcare regime is different however we do advise that you prioritise your selfcare.

Tip: Here is a link to our selfcare resources. Do use them to discover and create your perfect self-care plan!

We hope you have enjoyed this post and found it useful. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed or stressed remember the joy that the festive season can bring. Always remember you are not alone and there are places and people you can reach out to if things are getting too much. We will list some of these places in the useful links below. Once again, we wish you a happy Christmas and look forward to chatting more with you in the new year!

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