A Mental Health Check In

Hello and welcome to a new blog, we hope that you have been keeping well this year (and if you have been struggling there is no shame, we understand). Always remember that you are not alone and there are people that you can reach out to. These will be listed down below in the useful links section. However, if you feel like you or a loved one require immediate care, please call 999.

This post is going to discuss having a mental health check-in with yourself. It is important to have a ‘mental health check in’ with yourself every so often so you can assess if you are managing your wellbeing and self-care okay; any potential difficulties you may be facing, and hopefully positive strategies to implement moving forward. Life can get very busy and as critical workers, parents and just living we can start to pay less and less attention to our mental health and where are bodies and emotions may be telling us to slow down. So, take some time to really reflect and we will be with you every step of the way 🙂

Disclaimer: Whilst we will be sharing some resources and tips that may help you, please be aware that this is not medical advice. Please do speak with a professional if you are experiencing mental health challenges. If you feel we may be the right suit for you, you can get in contact us directly here to engage with a qualified therapist.

Where do I start?

We would suggest getting something you can write with such as a pen/paper or if you prefer to type that is okay too. Set aside some time where you are unlikely to be distracted and take your time going through the following questions below. At the end of the questions, you will be able to tally up your score and then decide what you feel you would like to do next about your mental health, wellbeing and self-care.  For some people, you may feel like you are in a good space, for others you may feel you need to prioritise self-care more or even reach out for some more professional support.

Scoring process

During this check-in you will be presented with some statements to which you will have between 1-5 to score yourself.

  1. strongly disagree
  2. Agree
  3. Neither agree nor disagree
  4. Disagree
  5. Strongly agree

It will be most useful to yourself if you can avoid answering with a 3 as much as possible so you can gain a holistic overview of where you may be at with your mental health and wellbeing. However, this does not mean you cannot answer 3, do what is best for you.

Mental Health, Wellbeing, and Self-care check-in

  1. I often take time for myself. (Now you need to write down a number between 1 and 5 according to the above scoring template)
  2. I would describe myself as someone who takes my self-care seriously.
  3. I feel guilty when I take time for myself.
  4. I struggle with seeing the good in myself.
  5. I talk to myself kindly.
  6. I can cope with a ‘bad day’ relatively well.
  7. I speak up when I am feeling down.
  8. I find it easy to separate my work/personal life.
  9. I would describe myself as someone who can handle stress.
  10. I have felt feelings of loneliness over the past month.
  11. I have felt feelings of deep sadness over the past month.
  12. Recently I have been finding it hard to manage my usual daily tasks.
  13. Recently I have been experiencing much more negative thought patterns.
  14. I have been feeling overly tired than I usually would.
  15. I tend to be very anxious these days.
  16. I do not have a sense of hope.
  17. I have been sleeping well.
  18. I have been getting enough exercise.
  19. I have been eating enough vegetables, fruits etc to get the right nutrients my body needs.
  20. I am hopeful that my future is bright.

Time to tally up your score

90-100: It is very likely you need some immediate help with your mental health and wellbeing.

70-89 – It is possible you may be experiencing some mental health challenges and it may be a good idea to reach out to someone.

50-69 – You may feel like you are copying well but it is still a good idea for you to think of ways you can improve your mental health and wellbeing and perhaps discuss this with someone.

30-49 – You may feel like you are doing well with your mental health and wellbeing. It may be useful to think of ways to cope with this better.

10-29 – It is likely you are in a good place with your mental health however you should still think of what you could do to improve this even more.

0-10 – It is very likely you are in a good place with your mental health, and you should continue to have these monthly check-ins.

We hope you have found this useful, please remember this is not to be taken as medical advice and you should consult your doctor, contact Bennu or seek professional help directly for a support with regards to your mental health.

Please refer to the useful links below as well as links to our other blog posts around good mental health and wellbeing practises, for inspiration on what you may implement going forward. If you would like to get in contact with our services here at Bennu, please get in touch here.

Take great care of yourself,

Bennu 🙂

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