Christmas Blues

Christmas, for a vast amount of people is the most wonderful time of the
year; and we hope that for you it is. Unfortunately for many, however, it isn’t
always this way.

Many have lost loved ones around this time, they experience feelings of
isolation, the absence of being away and missing family, friends and loved
ones. Critically and terminally ill. Homeless and generally not feeling the

Christmas Cheer. If this happens to be you, you are not alone.

We acknowledge and recognise that there are many people, many families
who would much rather avoid, the busyness, the chaos, the expense and
the sometimes false bravado, that people would much rather hide away
and let‘A Merry Christmas’pass them by.

So, we give a thought for those who are not in the best of moods, not
feeling up lifted. We encourage you to look for that support and know that
you do not have to be alone.

We wish you a peaceful Christmas and a happy new year from Bennu.

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