Bennu in November. Remembrance Sunday & Anti-bullying week.

Welcome to Bennu, 

It is our hope that our readers would have had a great month, however we recognise and acknowledge that for some people this month may have been more difficult than others. 

November marked a couple of important days on our national calendar, such as ‘Remembrance Sunday’ and ‘Anti-bullying’ week. Here at Bennu, these were very important to us.

Remembrance Sunday consisted of just that…remembering what our brave soldiers have accomplished.  In some cases, soldiers are experiencing Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  However, Arts therapy has been a great source of healing and Bennu would love to partner with soldiers in the future.

Anti-bullying week consisted of raising awareness and reassurance particularly in the schools we work with.  One head teacher chose to wear multi-coloured bright socks and encouraged staff to wear items of clothing that were unusual and demonstrated their individualism. Another school created a kind box where children were encouraged to write kind and inspirational messages. 

All Bullying may sadly lead onto more serious issues such as low self-esteem, self-harm, depression and at times suicide. It is by no means to be taken lightly. We want to be pioneers in stopping bullying from happening in the first place but also bring and raise awareness to early therapeutic intervention, offering support to those who have experienced bullying.

If anything in this post has resonated with you and you would like some further advice/help please see resources below or contact us directly.

Remember to take care of yourself and shine more!


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