We are delighted to update you on our first month of 2019. Where we have seen expansion and a greater need for early therapeutic intervention.

Throughout the course of this month we’ve experienced some great transformations. People who once didn’t have confidence are now feeling more self-assured, coming out of their outer shell and sharing their emotions. Children who are no longer suffering in silence are having moments of laughter as they begin to heal, feel excited about life again and ready to live their dreams. Finding peacefulness in the therapy space, listening to relaxing music as they unwind their worries and fears has provided a calming environment. We are pleased and proud that these wonderful experiences are at the hands of Bennu’s therapist; providing a carefree safe space to be themselves and a trusting ear. 

The sensitive issues we often encounter are extremely heartbreaking, but it is our passion that we strive to achieve our vision and our mission. We are determined to get there. It is amazing to see it coming together.” Karen Jones – General practitioner

We are over the moon with what has already taken place at Bennu, however we are aware for many, January has not been easy as people have entered the year with many difficulties and traumas.  The battle of mental health continues. Loneliness and tragic anniversary days. If this is you, please do not suffer in silence. As always there are links below of where you can reach out.

Take great care of yourself.


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