February is often deemed as the ‘month of LOVE’ for some that may make you smile as you think of your partner, your family and friends. However, for many hearing the word love is just a reminder of how low they feel.


A lot of the time people are wondering what is love anyway? Is it really a need? Various studies across time have proven that as human beings we are actually built for love. It’s no wonder we may feel so low when we feel a lack of it. Children are more likely to thrive and succeed in life based on the kind of love and attachments they build in their early years and stages of life. Love can be one of the most powerful driving force as it reaches the lowest of people and is able to bring them up. It can be life changing. However, what if you just don’t feel it at all?


As Whitney Houston once put it “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all” Self love is basically you first accepting yourself and choosing to value yourself WITHOUT the validation of others. It’s an unconditional love. Once you really love yourself it doesn’t mean you won’t want and appreciate love from others but you will not be relying on it for your sole source of happiness.


As mentioned above, love is a driving force. If you reflect on your life you might be able to pinpoint someone who so inspired you either because they reached out to you, they believed in you or maybe they were there for you through a hard time. They were able to give you hope and in some cases it’s the very reason why you are where you are today. Love is what it might take to get your relationships back to a healthy place, to complete a course, to give up your time and volunteer to help those less fortunate than you. Love is a catalyst for change.

So although Valentines day is around the corner… maybe it is your greatest moment of change.

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