Learning To Love Your Body Unconditionally

This month is mental health month and the theme according to the mental health foundation is
body image – how we feel and think of our bodies.
Last year it was found that 30% of all adults have been stressed about their body and felt
unable to cope. That can work out to be 1 in every 3 adults. It is clear this is such an issue our
society needs to continue to tackle. Today we want to share with you some advice on learning
to love your body unconditionally.

Accepting Where You Are

Sometimes when we look at the mirror we can be so judgmental on what we see. It can feel like
an unending battle to self perfection (which doesn’t exist by the way!) and it can get you down
and take over. If this resonates with you, it’s important to accept where you are with your body
image, that you may be struggling. Once you have accepted this, you can start a journey to a
healthier outlook on your body.
You may cast of your thoughts about yourself as normal as you may think its common in today’s
society to battle with body confidence however nonetheless it still isn’t healthy and we want you
to love your body the way you deserve! Wouldn’t you rather have such a beautiful outlook on
yourself both internally and externally? You don’t have to wait to be a certain size, shape or
some kind of appearance you can decide to start loving yourself right now!

Comparing Yourself  To  Others

With social media, magazines, television and so much else going on around us, it can at times
almost seem natural to compare ourselves to others. However this shouldn’t be the case. It’s
great to celebrate other people and okay to admire but if you find you are getting down and
constantly comparing yourself, something needs to change. Your body is so your very own! No
one is quite like you. Your body is the vehicle you have that’s taking you around life, you should
cherish it. Your body is one of a kind! It is precious. It may seem so cliché to say but there is no
one like you and you should value yourself.
A lot of the time anyway, the people you are comparing yourself to have been edited or they are
just showing you the best angles of their body.
Either way you should celebrate your own body and know that its unique.

Being Overly Self-conscience  

A lot of the time due to what someone else has said about us in regards to our body it can take
root in our minds and hearts. For example if someone called you ‘fat or skinny’ in your childhood
even though you are an adult living a healthy lifestyle you may still feel like you’re not good enough and despise your body. There can be conscience and subconscious memories shaping the way you view yourself in regards to your body image. It’s important to understand that people who ridicule others are only reflecting their own insecurities. It doesn’t make it right and
you deserve to love your body unconditionally.

The Road To Positive Body Image

How do we heal from our body image hurts and move onto a positive outlook and unconditional
love for ourselves? At Bennu we will never advice you to ignore your feelings but rather
acknowledge how you feel. Here are some practical steps you can take

  • Talking to someone you trust about how you are feeling. Just letting someone know can
    be helpful in relieving some of the pressure you may be experiencing.
  • Keeping a daily journal of how you are feeling and when.
  • Speaking positive affirmations about yourself such as ‘I am beautiful’ ‘My body is
    amazing and powerful’ can make a big difference. It is most effective when said out loud
    in your own voice as it is more likely to settle into your subconscious mind.
  • Getting your feelings out be it by: journaling, abstract drawing/painting, creative writing, music or
    however you feel best expresses you is something we thoroughly encourage.

We also have our specialised therapist in these designated areas as stated above who would be more than
happy to assist you through this healing journey. Get in touch with us today here.
If you feel or know someone whose case is urgent please contact Samaritans 24 hour helpline
below. Other useful links are also listed.

Take care of yourself and remember you are beautiful!



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