Dealing with Change and Your Mental Health

As we continue to face the global pandemic (coronavirus Covid-19) nationally and internationally, it has bought with it an uncertainty and has meant change for us all in one way or another. Whether it is a change in your income, home dynamics or perhaps your relationships; we want to equip you with some tools to enable you to navigate through this change as positively as possible.

In order to move forward effectively, it is our hope that you first take some time to reflect so that you can access what is going on with you. We have listed some questions below to aid some point of reflection.


  • What is the biggest change that has happened in your life due to Covid-19?
  • How have these changes made you feel?
  • Have you noticed a difference in your temperament since lockdown?
  • How do you usually deal with change?
  • How have you dealt with your emotions during this global pandemic?
  • What have you found most difficult during this time?

Now that you have reflected, we hope you are in a better position to develop better coping mechanisms.

Sometimes when we are experiencing changes in our lives, the more we fight these changes, the harder it can become to move forward in our lives effectively. We understand how difficult certain situations can be, however one of the first steps to experiencing happiness again, is to accept where you are right now. Acknowledging where you are may bring you a sense of self-control again, as you prepare to adjust to new changes.

When change is happening in our life, our emotions and thoughts may be all over the place. Writing your feelings down, sometimes helps to understand what’s going on for you, putting things into perspective, expressing everything internally and externally. You may even find it gives you greater peace and find it to be a therapeutic, as this is also a great self-care activity.
Tip: You can also express yourself through art, drama or dance/movement. The aim here is to draw upon your thoughts and emotions, so whatever feels best to you, go with it.

Speaking to Someone
If you are struggling dealing with some sort of change in your life, speak to someone who you trust about it. When we feel alone, we may feel anxious and worried. Opening up to someone you trust, provides you
with a safe space that offers you help to relieve these feelings and it is our hope that you do not suffer in silence. Consider speaking to a family member or friend and share your experience. They may be able to offer you some advice, support and comfort.

Tip: There are many professional organisations who you can speak to about situations you may be facing, that maybe challenging and difficult.

Please refer to the useful website section below.

Get in touch and speak to a qualified therapist today.

Embracing New Beginnings
With change comes new beginnings. For some this may be a good thing and you may find yourself adapting very well, however, for others, it may come with its challenges. Try your best to embrace the changes that you
feel are positive and uplifting in your life. Do reach out when you are struggling. We hope you have enjoyed this post and found it useful.

As always, take great care of yourself.

Bennu 🙂

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