Taking Care of Your Child’s Mental Health 


Mental health is just as important as your physical health. You may struggle with many ailments and illnesses, that leave you at a physical loss.  There may also be other factors in a person life that leaves them feeling at a loss… finances, home, car and other things that we are deeply attached too, but what happens when you lose your mind? For some people, they may feel that they have lost it all.  Today we are sharing our top tips on what you can do to encourage good mental health for your child.

1)Taking Care of Your Own Mental Health 

As parents/guardians there is already a responsibility on you to be there constantly for your child in all aspects. It is so important that you yourself have your own mental health in a good state. This is not only important for you in general but this will also reflect onto your child. Most children have a good sense of how their parents/guardians are feeling and can be quite sensitive to your emotions, this is also why it is important to ensure you are doing all you can for your own mental health. Of course, we understand you may not always be 100%. We have some advice on our other blog posts which you may find insightful. Most importantly, do not be frightened to reach out for help when you need it – the sooner you do, the better. 

We have qualified, therapists here who will be more than happy to have a chat with you, as well as the other resources which can be found on our website. 

2)Trust Between You and Your Child 

In order for your child to have a good mental state it’s imperative to build trust in your relationship. Your child needs to feel the love that you have for them in order to trust you as a safe place to confine in. Simple things like paying attention to what they like and participating in these activities. Showing your support by attending their events such as: sport events, school assemblies and anything else they are involved in. This support and encouragement may develop the bond and trust between you and your child. It also opens the door for conversation and interaction. Also knowing their parent/guardian is actively present in their life is mentally healthy for children. 

3)Praising Your Child for the Small 

As human beings, on occasions, we tend to voice the negative and hold back the positive. Start intentionally praising your child, even for the small things that may not seem a big deal to you but can make a huge difference to you child feel confident, proud and good about themselves. This will contribute to your child forming a positive mind-set.  Constant negative feed-back and bad thoughts, are likely to bring an adult down, let alone a child. However, by using this method to regularly praise the ‘small things’, you are training them to recognise the good they do over the “bad, in turn developing a healthier  mind. 

Tip: You can take this a set a further by starting daily positive affirmations that you and your child say together.  


Despite your child constantly trying to push their bedtime back later and later, children love routine! It is healthy for all of us, and children adapt quickly to routine because of how good their bodies know it is for them. Part of good mental health is sleep. It’s important to ensure your child is getting enough sleep and where possible implement a routine. With a routine, your child subconsciously knows what to expect which lowers anxiety and increases structure, which the brain loves! 

Tip: If your child is not in a routine at the moment, don’t worry, just start one! It’s never too late until you say so. 


Get that heart pumping and blood flowing! When you exercise your brain releases a chemical called dopamine, it’s your bodies way of telling you “well done”. Too little isn’t good (too much is also extremely dangerous). The right balance of dopamine is extremely healthy and needed. If you are to take care of your Childs mental health you must also take into consideration their physical health. If you think their physical activity needs to increase, make it fun and engaging! Kids love to have a good time. Just be sure you are doing something to get them active. 

Tip: Exercise can be as simple as walking. Why not join your child’s school Walking Bus? Both you and your child will be getting some good exercise, as well as socialising with other members your community. A win- win! 

We hope this post has been helpful. Honestly, it comes down to being intentional with your child/children, and being that safe haven when they need it. If you are in need of any further assistance then please to get in touch today at info@bennu.org.uk and check out our useful blog posts which are listed below as well as our services we provide. 

Disclaimer: If you believe your child is dealing with something more severe and serious, please get in touch with one of our therapists. 

Disclaimer: If you believe your child needs immediate/urgent attention Please do not wait. Contact Samaritans or NHS right now in the useful links provided below. 


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