Self – Care During Self – Isolation

During these challenging times we are facing due to COVID-19, it is important to take great care of yourself. Self-care is a great way at prioritising your wellbeing and has multiple benefits to your overall mental health and state of mind. We understand that for many, the days of finding time to physically plan your day and write in your dairy may be temporality on hold. Self-care is unique to every individual and there is no shoe that fits all. We have a blog post dedicated to creating your perfect self-care plan suited to you. Click here for more information.  However here are some or our self-care suggestions whilst in quarantine or self-isolation.



Intentional rest 

Watching your favorite film/tv programme/sports show



Spending time with your family and friends virtually via video call

Indoor pamper day or evening

Talking to a therapist

For any questions, concerns or for general enquires get in contact with us here.

Take care and stay safe – Bennu