Coronavirus – Looking after your well-being and mental health: Teachers and Key Workers

To all teachers and key workers, we want to say a special thank you for all your hard work and service, during these challenging times. You not only continue to teach our nations children but you are also healing and saving lives. Your dedicated roles are keeping are society afloat and we appreciate you! Thank you ever so much. Bennu

During these times, it is throughly important that all key workers are paying close attention to their own well-being and mental health. Self-care is important. We have listed all our top advice, as well as links to other organisations, to give you the best information and resources. Please do look through these and do get in touch with us here, should you have any queries or questions.
You Are Not Alone

During this Coronavirus outbreak, many are feeling a strain on their well-being and mental health. If you are a key worker, then you will be seeing the changes to society first hand. Witnessing the emptiness of schools and the many families that are in need of food. Adjusting to life, as it is right now, may not be as easy as it looks. If you find you are struggling mentally, you are not alone. Talking to someone you trust such as a colleague, family member or friend will help relive some of the pressure you could be feeling. When we talk, it helps us to process our thoughts and emotions. Interacting with other key workers through various: website forums, blogs and social media groups could be a good idea to help you relate to others. Talking to someone professionally who can walk you through a therapeutic examination and therapy during this time, may be something to consider. We have trusted, qualified therapists who will be more than happy to have a conversion with you safely, confidentially and remotely. Get in touch here. We have listed other useful links below which you can turn to for further mental health advice.

Taking Time to Reflect

If you are going into work everyday, it is important to take time daily to reflect and unwind. Taking time when you can, to unwind and reflect on your day will help to relax your mind. If there is anything in particular that you have found stressful or upsetting during your day take time to think about it and release it. COVID-19 has heighten many people’s anxiety. If you find you are experiencing symptoms anxiety, getting your thoughts down on paper via journaling, you may find this helpful to clear your mind. We go into more detail in our most recent blog post here.

Self- care

Whilst you are taking care of so many others, it is important to take great care of yourself too. Be sure to prioritise this into your day, as you will be busy. We advice that you write this into your dairy as well as making it a daily habit. (For example, if you take 10- 30 minutes out a day to meditate at 8 AM, write it down in your dairy.) We understand that for many, the days of finding time to physically plan your day and write in your dairy may be temporality on hold. Self-care is unique to every individual and there is no shoe that fits all. We have a blog post dedicated to creating your perfect self-care plan suited to you. Click here for more information. You may have to make some adjustments due to COVID-19. If you need any assistance, get in contact with us via email here.

It’s Okay Not to be Okay

COVID-19 has shaken society nationally and globally. It has meant drastic changes that we are all having to adapt to extremely quickly. If you are not feeling okay, remember the severity of what we are facing. It is normal for unforeseen circumstances to effect us emotionally and mentally. We too are here for you. Get in touch here. We are here to help and support you, offer resources and other information throughout.

Please do refer to our recent blog post on COVID-19 Mental Health and Self-Isolation for more information on how to look after your mental health during this time.

Disclaimer: If you believe you or someone you know needs immediate/urgent attention, please do not wait. Contact Samaritans or 999 right now in the useful links provided below. 

Useful links on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Useful Links For Mental Health

Emergency Mental Health Help

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